Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Stroll

My time in Sunday when I'm not giving tuition, is usually at my grandma's place. And when I'm there, I made it a point to bring my two little cousins down for a stroll. One reason is that I'm fulfilling my duty as the elder "sibling" by bringing them to play. The other is, well, make the two happy.

And these two love the little get away, even though it is a less then 3 meters. The elder cousin would ride his bike while the younger one will try to balance herself on the scooter. But even so she often failed and resort to walking. *Chuckles*

Our first stop is always the temple. 

As faithful devotees, a trip to the temple should never be missed. 

Actually, they just want to see the animals.

There is a snake inside the temple and people pray to it. I forgot which deity it represents but anyway, this snake is really long and most of the time it is just lazing in its cage rather than  hissing at the people. Not to forget the tortoise and some carps. 

Stop 2: The Birds Walkway.

One of the household kept at least 1 dozen of birds and these two trails were full of their birds. Every cage is a different species. I took the effort to introduce them some of the species including their special traits

The last stop is ... the playground. Well, what you expect. They are children and children love playground. Even though it's not really that much fun. But in the past, I too used to find it the most fun place ever. 

I will let them play for ten minutes or so before we head back and I will have to go home soon. 

Overall, it is quite an enjoyable walk and we will always chat about their daily activities. I will occasionally find out some amusing stuffs happening to them and all. However, the most important thing is the time we had together. 

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