Saturday, March 2, 2013

Summary of Travel Trips

It's the time of the year where I will do a collection of places I went to. It helps me to reminiscence and recollect the past trips.

2004- Australia
( Supposedly to reward my handwork in PSLE, but I didn't score too well... Haix~ so I feel kind of sore throughout the trip-Mum said that the price was pretty alright so they hop on the offer plus its a good opportunity to bring the children overseas somewhere pretty far )

2005- Twice to Thailand
( One With Band for exchange, a week after we came back, went with whole family )

2006- China
( Went with Parents and their friends- was a alright trip )

2007 - Korea + Hong Kong
( Went with big family and our destination is Korea because Aunt was a Kpop Drama fanatic- plus plus the travel price was really cheap even compared to today and those days.. so without much hesitation , off we go!)

2008- Hong Kong
(Went with Band again for an exchange)

( KL for a big shopping Spree)

2009- Batam
( Overseas Community Involvement Program , 3 days 2 nights)

(Went with Big Family minus DaGu's family, had fun sleeping on those olden days boat)

2010-  Malaysia
( This tip we went to Malacca and reside in those log houses which is pretty cool ) 

2011- NO WHERE 

2012- Batam
( short trip 2 days 1 night, stay in a kelong house. A good experience, also tried snorkeling but I"M NOT GONG BACK THERE AGAIN)

2013- ?????
Probably no where again

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