Thursday, February 6, 2014


Took me several attempts to get this. The first few attempts failed because there wasn't ample sunlight, so I switched the area. This time not only did it work but my efforts actually paid off and "blossom"! Such an excitement when I first saw its bud and then for it to slowly grow and blossom into a pretty flower.

This is Cosmos considered to be the flower of October, derived from Greek and means orderly, beautiful, and balanced. The other meaning is peaceful. Honestly, when I choose the seeds I didn't really bothered with its meaning but more of because of its beauty and the degree of easiness to plant.

Mum actually wanted me to be "careful" of what I plant because of their relative relevance and meaning. But I dismissed it for a flower's significance shouldn't be judged because of some background or its uses on some religious practice.

It is just an innocent fellow, waiting for love and care and to finally blossom and showcase to the world its beauty and radiance.

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