Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spring in July

The trees below my block has blossomed with pink flowers blooming at the top. It's quite a lovely sight although how I wished the whole trees were pink instead of just the top upper top.  There's a road near my home and alongside of this road were a stretch of trees with pink and white flowers at each side.

As I walked along this stretch of lovely scene, I can't help back match its view to the Sakuras in Japan. I know that they worlds apart, but if you look closely, I don't think these trees ( I don't know what they are called) pale in comparisons.

Then I start to think, actually we have nice looking small view here even thought it's not as large scale or majestic as those overseas. But if you look closely,  you will learn to appreciate things around you and making it no reason for you to go red eye over those abroad.

Perhaps, one day while you are walking along some nice streets, you may like to pause and take things in. Only then, you will truly realise how beautiful things are no matter how big or small, grand or not. For each thing they have their good points to be appreciate at. And one you know how to pick out the good things, you will be able to appreciate the worlds' gift.

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