Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wrong? Who wrong?

I just heard some typical market kind of gossip.

And I just feel sad for the child and felt a lot of injustice for her,  but who am I to judge anyway.

So apparently almost a decade ago, two underage parents had a child. That's not too much of a big deal until the Father doesn't want to marry the mother. Reason being, Father doesn't want to convert into Muslim. I guess the Mother doesn't want to leave her religion either.

I just don't understand, if you have no plans of going that far (marriage) with the girl, why do you even start the relationship? If it's just to kill time, I suggest you do the necessary precaution so you won't end up in a bad state. I mean if you love the girl, don't you want to work towards marriage as the goal? I guess maybe I'm too naive.

So.. Mother gave birth to the child and stayed with the Guy's family- still not married.

After some time, she decided to leave along with the child. I guess this will be better for both side.

But the guy's family did not let the matter rest, they went to court and try to vie for the child's custody. And so, the child spent half of the week each with its parent.

Sometimes when the child talk to me somehow I find it hard to communicate, because she will manage to divert the conversation to talk about her parents. And I will have to find ways not to hurt her feelings.Usually I really hate those who give themselves self pity, as I don't feel such thing quite a big deal. But hey she's a child. And a person's childhood had an adverse effect on their growing process.

Haix, so girls. Please don't just causally open your legs to anyone. Because ultimately not only you are hurting yourself, but your future child or partner as well.

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