Monday, August 15, 2011

Bus Drivers

Sometimes, bus drivers can rEAlly piss me off. What do I mean? This happens to me a lot of times. Have you ever been to a situation where the bus driver keeps on hitting the brakes.. and they don't do it gently thus you always keep jerking and jerking. Like today , I was on the bus, and we were stuck on this jam. So between the bus I am at and the car in front of us is a small distance. The thing I really don't understand and can't stand is that, given the small space, the bus driver drive a little, hit the break making us jerk, then drive a little, hit the break making us jerking front. It's just a small distance, why does he even bothers closing the gap and it rEAlly make me feel nauseous. I think he did it on purpose. And it's not one time. I am guessing his unhappy with his work, but I think he should be a little more professional and control his emotions.

Not the first time, I mean you can hit the brake, maybe not that gently it's fine, once or twice. But if you keep doing it and throughout the journey.. That's shit .

Anyway, I know I'm not a good driver, I am in no position to comment. But .. I just frustrated. It's not like I can feedback this to the the office. That would be totally childish. Well, I least let me blog about it.

Till then

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